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How much money would I win on a 500 to 1 odds bet if I bet $100? – Quora

One needs to be aware there are not any circumstances.
Odds of 100 to 1 hardly exists (like a bet on a very quite slow race horse.
While 500–1 does not. Odds as high as 50–1 may be discovered in boxing.
A 45 was –1 payoff when Mike Tyson lost in Tokyo and fought.
Consultants to casinos dislike the Concept of a casino offering odds that are long on
anything but a slot machine jackpot. “Risk Managers” will handle the”action”
Any time there is a circumstance where a casino is offering very”long odds”
How much cash would I win on a 500 to 1 odds bet if I bet $100? Is the submitted question. You’re beyond help Should you require a calculator to answer this question.
The biggest thing I could suggest is learning to spot where you’ll find estimated value (EV) in the long term. The actual outcome shouldn’t issue. A poker pro will do the same thing and it’s how casinos and bookies make their profit from punters. Bet Edge has a lot of videos and training on strategies to perform this: Accepting Actual Value (None of This Tipster Shit) orHow I (Someone Who Never Placed a Bet In His Life) Create a Living’Betting’

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