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Threads 2 Triumphs 0 Member for 6 years 7 http://essay-company.com/essay-help weeks Scenarios for developing software around Alfresco For implementing a custom request I’ve a query about possible methods. Lets say that my software contains a set of services – some would require entry to the report archive but others include an unrelated business logic (custom logic beans, slated dissertation writing careers, repository access – all of this simple material). write my essay Apply a different app (separate WAR/EAR), speak with Alfresco using webservices (SOAP, RELAXATION) – I can build my request in any manner I choose, – a (pointless) expense from using webservices. Apply my program like a pair of WebScripts – direct use of Alfresco API, – custom solutions must increase DeclarativeWebScript (why don’t you interface/annotation or – lets go crazy (;-)) – JAX-RS?), – how about testability? – what about rule-utilize-test cycle, in- vm code hot-swap? Any opportunities that are other? Jackrabbit and I have played before – it’s an appealing feature of transferring archive like a JEE source that was distributed. There’s some kind of JCR JNDI adapter (http://wiki.alfresco.com/wiki/JCR JNDI adapter) but: – can it be production-ready? – it restricts me to JCR API; Alfresco isn’t Level 2 certified so some critical attributes can be lost, – no usage of indigenous, full- featured API.