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Crystal Palace Women refute Gemma Bryan injury claims

Crystal Palace have contested claims made by Gemma Bryan after falling victim that she was not supported by the group.
Bryan has not played since suffering an anterior cruciate ligament tear in April and chose to networking on Friday to describe her circumstance.
The 32-year-old, who has scored over 100 targets for the south east London club stated she’s received”zero communication” from Crystal Palace Women and has been forced to wait for surgery through the NHS.
Bryan stated she is”devastated” that another participant in the club has received club backing and support after suffering from exactly the same harm but Crystal Palace Ladies say her assertions are incorrect.
“Gemma’s claim another participant with a similar harm has obtained different levels of support and treatment is factually wrong,” a Crystal Palace ladies’s statement read.
“Gemma remained totally compensated, outside the conditions of her agreement, prior to the close of the year when her registration naturally expired.
“She was also provided continuing continued accessibility to rehabilitation aid past the end of last season.”

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