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But for newcomers, for those who come to us because they are looking for and automatically today’s CEL is quoted whenever it is practical achievements bold, for those must we still gave some explanations to avoid any future misunderstanding and to reinforce the considerable power of moving sympathies that lead us to immediate action and educational director.

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role in the reconstruction period ahead. But for newcomers, for those who come to us because they are looking for and automatically today’s CEL is quoted whenever it is practical achievements bold, for those must we still gave some explanations to avoid any future misunderstanding and to reinforce the considerable power of moving sympathies that lead us to immediate action and educational director. What we are first. We are neither a union nor a political movement and we would know therefore overshadow organized forces of the masses. This differentiation does not also mean that we disapproved a little bit those of us who campaign in trade union and political organizations. We pride ourselves instead of having in our group the most conscious educators of their civic duty and to count among our faithful adherents a significant proportion of authentic resisters, who have set an example of active and vigilant patriotism. We are a working group that has one goal: to improve the conditions and the performance of our educational efforts by the bold reconsideration of methods, tools and educational techniques. We are users, educators craftsmen who become aware, our established, weaknesses and errors that complicate and hinder our work, and have undertaken to make every effort for the French education is finally living up to the situation. There is no home bias, dogma, not even that of Printing at the school or the new pedagogy. We will not seek novelty for novelty and if Printing at the School remains the center and symbol of our achievements is that it is, of all the techniques we have been able to experience, one that proved to be the most simple, the most exciting, the most fruitful. So we work honest and conscientious craftsmen, for whom work is the only law. We are wary of any theory, any prior explanation. In front of the plow he wants to spend his child, the farmer does not impose any prior explanation. He holds the handlebars, and it is even the work it will give theoretical explanations which will then have a foundation, meaning and scope. This is our policy. We offer the tools that we have created from scratch or adapted and developed in our classrooms, and which, in use, have proven as giving, in every respect, a superior result with old tools n ‘have more to them than the death prestigious tradition. These tools, we’ll show you how to use, with a minimum of trial and error. The theoretical explanations – psychological, social or scientific – come after, and we do not neglect them, we shall see. Only, it does not constitute the bulk of our effort still school work in all its forms with the tools it requires and presupposes. And this approach, the concrete and practice, all the educational problem, we ask that applied at every opportunity and the Board Of Reform In Education currently operates under the chairmanship of our friend Professor Langevin, is also inspired her to organize its work. What educators expect this mission is not a new Plan From studies that add to the above, some of which were also remarkable. The teachers have a centennial indigestion theories and pedagogical recommendations. What they are asking is that they finally allow, by practical achievements, to pass this theory into reality finally becomes effective for the new school boasted. As for primary education, the ministerial committee will have done nothing if it does not contribute to staff schools now essential equipment and if it does not provide immediate initiation of educators to new working techniques assume these tools. Schooling for Tomorrow, which will be school work, will arise point of the current framework by the magic of rhetoric and generous theories. It will only take shape if we terminate the educators and children not only notebooks, pens, pencils and textbooks, but also typewriters, files and folders, printing and limographe the school newspaper and trade, scientific equipment, and also established, paper, wood, iron, drawn, wire, the garden, the orchard and the rabbit hutch, and even film, photo, radio, records. And all this not accumulated in the modern school as a bric-a-brac superfluous, but organized and introduced by the same need for children to the benefit of techniques that we have developed and which we continue the study. And our comrades to frighten the point: the class so understood is not difficult; it is just different. She has the inestimable advantage of being interesting and even exciting for children as for educators, which profoundly changed the school atmosphere and allows us to consider in a more human intractable problems by traditional pedagogy desired effort conscious, socialization and motivation of education, culture. From Cooperative Education will continue to work according to the principles that are hers for 20 years, who are about to be understood, accepted and adapted by the unanimity of the dynamic and manufacturer. In October, we will be able to offer schools that have requested it: a complete printing equipment, multiple duplication of devices, our files, our stoves and our records, radios, tools and equipment for cutting, engraving, decoration, scientific experimentation. We would do well to develop industrially typewriter for our schools and a camera-film device for our needs. Regarding the technical job of this material, we will also offer in October: In our series of educational brochures New People and Work libraries, we will shortly release our Modern French school that provides valuable technical information. But as nothing beats direct initiation, out of the new work, we will ask the government to urgently organize, firstly departmental courses, be it that of a week in schools with successfully introduced modern techniques of work – the other regional and national workshops to accelerate the modernization process of our primary school. In the meantime, we advise educators to prepare for this renovation by introducing into their classroom practice free text, files and Correspondence Interscholastic we guarantee immediate success. We will not seek to attract educators with rhetoric or promises belie experience. But we can say with pride when an educator engages us in this path of revival of our education, he leaves again. Our early adopters, those who lived with us the heroic period of our beginnings are still there, the most attached to the work continues. The letters we receive today would be the most moving testimonies of this fidelity to the new popular education that takes shape, winning the mass to become tomorrow’s successful educational reality.