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Bad Taste In Men Good Taste In Shoes Website

Bad taste in Man Good Taste in Shoes (BTMGTS) is a lifestyle brand for girls, by girls. Loving the single life, laughing at life experiences and providing gorgeous things for girls to smile about. The brand offers different products that can be purchased online, from fashion to bags and mugs.

We were challenged with the redesign of their original website. Apart from being a selling outlet, the website had to convey a unique concept behind BTMGTS; girls loving single life and laughing about past experiences. The brand is not about man hating or against relationships, it is about enjoying life regardless of relationship status. After all if Price Charming does not turn up, there is always a pair of tall dark & awesome shoes.

At the heart of the brand is  ”The One Who…” concept which collects experiences of dating. “The One Who wore speedos,”  ”The One Who dumped you by text ” etc. “The One Who…” can be funny, heartbreaking, outrageous or embarrassing but it is almost always something that us girls can relate to and now thanks to BTMGTS we have a great way of sharing these experience and laughing about them.

As we started the project what really stood out to us is the story that inspired entrepreneur Nazanin Maghounaki to create this brand.  In sketches we started playing with the idea of creating a interactive story board . The concept was developed with help of young promising designer Becky Turner. We decided to employ parallax scrolling but not  in traditional sense of just adding illusion of depth. What we wanted is different events to take place once the user scrolls beyond a certain point on the website.

Once we had our concept fully worked out we organised a photography shoot. This was not a conventional fashion shoot. We wanted to capture  humour and most importantly the gorgeous and fashionable woman who does not take herself  too seriously, which is embodied within the brand. Next we edited images and used them to compose the design in photoshop. Once designs were approved we moved to web development stage. What we wanted to achieve with our interactive story board in terms of web development was quite ambitious and we ran into various browser compatibility issues. These kept us awake at night and our client on her toes but we worked hard at it and eventually all pieces fell into their places. Best creative solutions can emerge when the creative  agency is prepared to take risks and push boundaries.

It was a pleasure working on this project. We are very pleased with the end result btmgts.com website and believe this brand has potential to grow into something big.