About Billy Sarfraz

Theatre Director, Performer, Videographer & Editor

NHS Sex Education Documentary

I met with a member of the NHS Sex Education Curriculum late last year to discuss my Documentary, Double Lives. They took an interest in me and my ideas towards film making. Through this conversation, it became evident the NHS needed a Film- Making production team on their books so I branded our card and led them towards Amir who set about making this project feasible.

The NHS went in to schools and looked at Sex Education classes aimed at years 5 and 6. They had an introductory group of classes, where they were taught the basics of puberty and natural human growth of the human body, titled ‘Growing and Changing’. What AKA did was team up with the NHS, go back into those specific schools, Alma Park Primary and Cheetham Community Primary, to see how much they learnt and really find out how important these sessions were to children at that age. One element of this Documentary I loved was interviewing the parents. As it would be seen by other parents in the future, it would give them more of an insight to the sessions taking place for their children.

The whole process was enjoyable and found it interesting but challenging working with children of that age. I had to be very patient with them compared to working with adults who know what they are doing and not to talk over each other. The clash of voices proved this which resulted in a tad bit of reshuffling in editing. I was intrigued by the project as a whole because of the sheer tenderness of the themes discussed, coupled with the age bracket of participants we were dealing with.

Our end result was a truthful and heartwarming documentary that relates to every parent and their concern to their children.
This was a project I was proud to be a part of.


As the film was shot for educational purposes, a link to the video is unavailable for public viewing.