About Gustavo Prieto

I was born in Valladolid, Spain in 1979, where I studied TV production, direction & screenwriting. I’ve directed & written a few short films. I love cinema & travel. (gustavoprieto.com)

My Manchester #002. NHS


Nobody is surprised if I say there is a big difference between England and Spain, my country. One of them is the immigrants, like me. I came here to taste the experience of living abroad and to improve my english, but there are many people who travel abroad because they can’t live in their own countries for work reasons.

All of these differences add up to make England a multicultural society, although these cultures are very different. The video that AKA filmed in February for the NHS is about the sexual education in schools, something that is we Spanish also agree on!

We shot the footage two days which included interviews with children and parents. They give us their point of view about this subject. It was a 2 camera shoot and the editing took us one month with the inclusion of some original music composed by Chan Has.

The experience was awesome. I enjoy jobs like this a lot.


As the film was shot for educational purposes, a link to the video is unavailable for public viewing.