About Billy Sarfraz

Theatre Director, Performer, Videographer & Editor

Double Lives Documentary

As the Summer seems to strolling through to Manchester, I will be strolling towards making the second part to my documentary I created at the end of 2010, Double lives!

The documentary is centred around the Eastern and Western cultures which British Muslims have to live. For those of you whose heart beats for both, you will be sure to understand the nooks of what i mean. Relationships, religion, politics and friendships are just a few of the main themes that will be stepping into the frame.
For now, it’s back to the drawing board… Scheduling. funding and the greatest challenge that is getting people on board this film making process! With the core team of Amir Shah, Gustavo Garcia and myself it will be a little easier than it was last time around!

The entire Doc was 27 minutes long. I looked back back on a few months ago and realised some bits had no relevance, as funny as they were. So with the trusted help of Gustavo, i was able to cut it down to a healthy 12 minute snack.