About Gustavo Prieto

I was born in Valladolid, Spain in 1979, where I studied TV production, direction & screenwriting. I’ve directed & written a few short films. I love cinema & travel. (gustavoprieto.com)

My Manchester #001. AKA Creative

I arrived in Manchester about a year ago and I didn’t know anyone. I was just another Spaniard. I began to work in a hotel as housekeeper and received a text from Amir Shah.

I have worked for four years in Spain, my native country, as tv cameraman, editing & different jobs in cinema. When I arrived here, my english was not enough to work in my profession, but Amir had patience with me (And he still has it).

AKA Creative was my opportunity to work in the audiovisual world in Manchester. We have been working for just one year, but we have a great team so we can do big things in the future.